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A Dresden Dolls Fan Community
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Do you like love the Dresden Dolls? Does their music fascinate you, inspire you, freak you out, etc.? Are you in awe of their AMAZING abilities as musicians? This community, then, is for you! Talk with other fans about the music, the members behind it, or anything you like, so long as it pertains to the Dresden Dolls.

This community isn't strict, but there are a few "guidlines" you should think about before joining.

1. Introduce yourself! C'mon, don't be shy! No one's going to bite! Hard, that is. If you would like, you can use this form to do so:

1. Name?
2. Age?
3. Location?
4. What got you into the Dresden Dolls?
5. Favorite Dresden Dolls song?
6. How have the Dresden Dolls affected you?
7. Other favorite bands?
8. Myspace? (Because, let's face it, everyone has one.)

2. Don't be negative towards anyone in the community. No one likes a jackass.

3. Try and not type like a teeny-bopper, for all our sakes'. Spelling mistakes are fine, after all, everyone makes them. But please don't Wr1t3 lIkye dis.

4. Don't join just to bash the Dresden Dolls. If you must do so, I'm sure there are other communities for that.

5. Lastly, the old cliche, have fun!

Feel free to whore us out promote the community. The more fans the merrier!

*Community name shamelessly taken from one of the lyrics in "The Perfect Fit": "I can write a song, but I can't sing in key."