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I just joined and I'm so glad I can now talk to other Dolls fans. I live in this small town in Ireland and I only know 3 other people who actually know who The Dresden Dolls are! I've been trying to educate people about them but most people just nod and smile and back away as quickly as possible, some even ran screaming. *sigh* These small minded people just can't take the honesty and awesomeness of Amanda's voice and lyrics and Brian's sexy druming.
Anyway, I'm so excited because me, my mam and my two best friends (those are the 3 people) are going to see Amanda Palmer's solo gig in Dublin in September!!! God damnit, it's too far away!
Can't wait til then *jumps up and down like stupid teenage girl, which she just happens to be*
Is anyone else here going to the Dublin gig?
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